Our Soirées

Staying in carefully curated hotels, our locations are saturated with art, culture, history, stunning sights and culinary delights. Our knowledgeable hosts provide attention to detail, expert insight into culture and history, and enjoy telling great stories around the dinner table. Finally, the most precious component remains our guests--curious, open-minded, fit and fun-loving. Our Soirées are first announced by private invitation and can sell out quickly, so if you would like to be on our invitation list, please send us an email and tell us a little about yourself! 

To enhance personal attention, limit costs, and keep our Soirée looking chic, we need a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 24 attendees. If you can vouch for your friends and think they would enjoy our company and style, we’d love to have them join. Ages 18 and up only, so we don’t have to censor any dinner conversations.



Cruising the Mekong River Soirée
December 2017

join us as we journey

Into the heart of Indochina
Surveying the Mekong via riverboat deck chair
Genuine smiles and healing hearts
French colonial architecture draped with a garland of electrical wires
Capitalism at work in a Communist country
Villagers weaving river weeds into baskets for IKEA
Cities pressing forward in an ocean of motorbikes
Climb aboard elephants, cyclos, sampans and tuk tuks
The ancient art of the Khmer and the art of crossing the street
Creamy sweet Vietnamese coffee and slurping pho-slurping with friends

 Wrapping our heads around it all.

 Witnessing Angkor Wat for the first time
An enchanting torchlit evening dining temple side
The curvaceous Apsara dancing with her eyes and red finger tips
Sunrise views over an ancient empire forgotten in time

 We will take care of all the details. 
All we need is you.


Upcoming Soirées

Our Soirées are incredibly popular and book up quickly - to inquire about availability, click on a photo above, or let us know through our contact page.