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Conley & Silvers likes to gift customized luggage tags to its guests for all of their luggage pieces that will be handled by hotels/airlines/trains. This helps porters ID our luggage as a group and it helps ID your bag in the case of lost luggage. What is the home address and email you would like on your customized luggage tags?
This phone number and email will also go onto your luggage tags unless you specify otherwise. If you'd prefer a different one, list it here.
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Health Statement
Health Statement & Emergency Contacts:
Conley & Silvers trips usually involve substantial walking (often over uneven surfaces), hiking, and sometimes traveling to altitudes. You may be in charge of getting your luggage on and off of a train a few times. You are fully responsible for your own healthcare and any related medical costs, hence our recommendation for travel and medical evacuation insurance. We also advise that you travel with a copy of your medical record and/or list of current medications, along with your doctor’s contact information. Please note any medical conditions, injuries, allergies (to medicines or other), current medications, or other health-related concerns that we should be aware of while you are on this trip, or feel free to send us electronic or paper copies of any documentation that you think might be helpful for us to have on file.
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Doctor's Name
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