Day 10 - Exploring the Ngorongoro Highlands
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Day 10 - Exploring the Ngorongoro Highlands

Wake up at Gibbs to the delightful chorus of songbirds from your verandah: the twee-wee trill of the yellow-throated long claw, the bell-like boo-boo of the tropical boubou, and the soft warble of the scarlet-chested sunbird. You’ll be served coffee and tea on your verandah as you listen to nature’s morning symphony.

After breakfast, we will take a guided tour of Gibb’s garden, a sloping 10 acres of vegetables and fruit gardens, growing everything from artichoke to zucchini and providing most of the ingredients for the delicious organic meals we will share at the farm. Our guide will teach us about the sustainable practices at Gibb’s as we take a tour through a pig and dairy farm where we will have the chance to try our hand at milking a cow. We will end by taking a leisurely stroll through the famed coffee bean fields that gave the farm its start over 80 years ago.  All of this will give real meaning to delectable farm-to-table lunch. 

The afternoon is for you to enjoy on the farm. Need some ideas?  Get a few laps in at the pool or lounge on your private balcony with a book.  Immerse yourself in the healing and relaxing services of the African Living Spa, including massages and treatments as developed by a third generation traditional Maasai healer (additional fee).  Meet with the artists on Gibb’s Farm; the company sponsors East African artists, from botanical illustrators to Makonde carvers, to live at the farm and develop their work. In fact, it is their sculptures, paintings, and artwork that adorn the many luxury cottages and facilities at Gibb’s. Stop into the workshops and learn more about the artists’ work, inspiration and techniques.

Enjoy a relaxing denouement to the day: with a view of the coffee farms and forests that surround Gibb’s Farm, take in the accompanying aromas and sounds as you have afternoon tea on the verandah and unwind.


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