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Day 9 - Entering Serengeti National Park: the Big Five and The Great Migration

This morning, we will pack our bags and head west toward the Serengeti on a rugged road that cuts through a landscape riddled with craggy hills and thickly wooded gullies. Maasai bomas appear seemingly out of nowhere. The rough road to Klein’s Gate takes you along the Grumeti River, which serves as one of the Serengeti’s two main water sources as it flows from one end of the park to the other before emptying into Lake Victoria. At the gate to the park, we will enter the Serengeti along its northeast border. The Maasai Mara Game Reserve and Kenyan border are less than 15 miles to the north. From there, we will traverse over the Serengeti’s acacia-covered northern corridor with incredible wildlife viewing along the way, naturally. On our way, we will visit a school, teachers' housing, or medical dispensary to learn how tourism can impact the community in positive ways and help the local fabric thrive. 

We will stop and nibble on a light boxed lunch en-route before gearing up for our afternoon wildlife viewing in the Serengeti. It’s a sight to be seen: the big cats often spend these hours lying drowsily about the plains and up in the trees while many antelope and other animals continue to graze.

Our journey to our oasis for the next two nights, the Four Seasons Serengeti,will offer plenty of wildlife sighting along the way. Perhaps we will come across a chase between predator and prey; maybe we will spot a wake of vultures; maybe we will be lucky enough to find a leopard dozing off high in the limbs of an acacia tree.