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Day 7 - Safari in Serengeti National Park & The Big Cats

We will set our alarms early this morning, as there is nothing better than traversing the plains of the Serengeti just after dawn. Look for herds of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, impala, eland, topi, and more out on the savannah. Our group will head back to The Four Seasons for a satisfying lunch overlooking the Serengeti plains. During the afternoon, we will continue to explore the pristine landscapes of the Serengeti with our guide's uncanny wildlife spotting instincts leading the way. Expansive plains, rolling hills, dramatic granite outcrops and riverine valleys are home to an endless variety of fascinating creatures, from the lowly dung beetle to the impressive elephant.

Of course, this includes the most social of the big cats: the mighty lions. Lions live in groups called prides, comprised mostly of females and cubs and only 1-2 adult males. Typically, prides have 6-12 lions, but can sometimes have more than 30 members! As superior hunters, lionesses inherit the same territories as their mothers while young males roam until they drive out old males from other prides to take over leadership. As lionesses hunt in groups and often at night, during the day you are more likely to see prides as they languidly stretch out in the brush, underneath an acacia tree, or in the shade of a large rock formation. These are the prototypical male lions of your childhood (think Lion King), as males who reside around savannahs and plains develop large dark manes as they grow older. The lion’s roar, a familiar sound in the Serengeti at night, can be heard from over five miles away.

We will enjoy dinner at the Four Seasons before retreating to our comfortable accommodations for some well-deserved rest.