Thank you for the great trip!!! It is clear you put in a tremendous
amount of time planning, modifying and “dry running” the details. The
result was an incredible experience and for us ducklings waddling about
after you, hassle-free, memorable travel.

I tremendously enjoyed the hikes. You instilled in me
a keen interest that I did not know I had. And, as a bonus, it seems
that despite all the great food, I did not gain any weight on the trip.

Dana, thanks again. We look forward to the trip to Kentucky next month.
— Jim also highlights the care and effort you put into selecting each really hit it perfectly in our opinion.  Even if Mürren’s hotel was a shade less than the others, it was a classic and location, location, location wins out.  That village preserves the quaintness, charm and tranquility of that region...while too much tourism is impacting the villages in the valleys.  Your judgement was, unsurprisingly, spot on. 

The hikes, luncheon and dinner picks and balance between group meals and free time worked perfectly as well.  Adam and Tim were absolutely terrific additions and companions.

★★★★★ +  is our rating!

Best, and good luck unpacking.  Sadly, our packed gift boxes of chocolate all we had to eat it all ourselves!  
— Kathy & Larry

This is just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the Paris Soiree.  It exceeded all our expectations.  There was very good mix of art, history and architecture.  The special events…were awesome.  And the chance to meet Parisians in their own environment (their homes and petanque court) was unique.  The restaurants and meals were all excellent and a wonderful variety; we’ll never forget the French mashed potatoes or the chocolate mousse.
(The guide) was a joy.  We think his time with us, individually and as a group, was the overall highlight for the trip.  We learned so much, and were entertained at every turn.  He will set the standard for measuring all past and future guides.  Please let him know how much we enjoyed his time and hospitality.

We are ... starting to wonder when and where the next Conley & Silvers adventure will be.
All the best. Thanks again.
— Dave & Sharon, OH


I wanted to be sure to say how wonderful it was to travel with you again and on such a trip!  I hope that it met all of your expectations for the trip you wanted to put together, but it certainly exceeded mine...Dana, we would willingly accompany you on any trip to anywhere.
— Jenny & Jim, MD
As always, we really enjoyed the trip. Everything was perfect - the lectures, the hotels, the food, the special lunches and dinners, the hiking - everything.

You are the perfect Soiree looking forward to our next trip in a few short weeks. Hoping everything is as perfect with your upcoming trip to Switzerland.
— Janet & Steve

Thank you so much for your arranging of our trip…You are so professional. Thank you again. You guys are wonderful and special for us. Take care please. Big hugs.
— Noriko, Singapore

We want to thank you again for showing us such a wonderful time in Paris—you make traveling so interesting and so much fun!  I’ve given your name to all my friends as the best travel agents around....We loved the hotel—so personal and unique.  We especially enjoyed our little patio overlooking the street—a fine spot to sip our wine and relax. As far as dining, we loved ALL the meals, but probably our favorite was the one in your neighborhood with the cheesy mashed potatoes, and amazing chocolate mousse—the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of chocolate! ...Guess that’s all for now—again we had a great time.  Thank you!
— Kim & Bill, GA

Judy and I just wanted to let you know what a wonder time we had in Paris. The mix of history, art, music and socializing with the local people was perfect, just what we were looking for. The food was wonderful and the people of Paris were gracious and kind to us. (The guide) was a jewel and a great guide, please tell him again ‘thank you’ for us.
— Kevin & Judy, VA

The trip was sooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!! Lots of fantastic memories….Thank you SO MUCH for all your help!
— Jo, CA

Thanks for all your help and organization for our trip. We enjoyed everything we did.
— Ed, OH
Thank you for organizing such a great trip. The wonderful memories are too numerous to count.
— Dave & Sharon

Thank you again for creating such a magical experience for us!  

We truly enjoyed meeting our fellow travelers.  I liked that you gave us so many different ways to appreciate the places in which we traveled – from yourself and Tim as cheerful and informative companions; Adam’s historical context lecture; learning and loving each restaurant’s particular take on Rosti; being able to show my sister (who loves Daniel Craig) the site where that “kiss” happened in Casino Royale at the Balbianello; going to museums where we were often the only ones in the gallery; hiking; going to altitudes of over 11,000 feet; eating at Michelin-star restaurants; getting to use my rusty French in Lausanne.  I felt very well cared for – thank you so much.

So many memorable experiences…
— Elaine

The wedding was PERFECT. Absolutely could not have imagined a better time, or greater fun. The whole wedding appeared effortless, but we all know how much effort that requires!! Thank you both for everything!! I love your new business cards and am directing my wedding guests your way for their travel and events!
— Laura, OH

Dana Conley: Best travel consultant, ever :-)
— Kiyoshi & Bill, TX

Just a quick note to say thank you! Amazing trip and something we will always cherish… Dana and her business partner Alison have developed the most amazing travel consultancy I’ve ever experienced. The organization and attention to every detail make the trip beyond perfect.
— Tim, WA

My parents keep talking about how much they loved spending time with you and how amazing their trip was. They are also gunning for a winery vacation at some point!! Better get ready to get your drink on!
— Risa, Hawaii