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Amalfi Coast Soirée

Photos from a Dream Trip!

Amalfi Coast Soirée 2015: Getting Excited

August 29 – September 9, 2015  

Join us as we plunge into the most magnificent blue.
A true Italian holiday. 
Private beach clubs and late night piano bars. 
Boating at all speeds.  Tasting the sun in Neapolitan cuisine.
Lemon grove landcapes tumbling into the sea.
The erotic art of Pompeii and the delight of limoncello.
A classic concert in romantic Ravello.
Crumbing stucco in hues of rose.
Historic villas with exquisite gardens.
Swanky Capri and her fashionable boutiques by the sea. 
The best pizza in the world? 

Italian & Swiss Lakes

Ascona, Switzerland

Ascona, Switzerland

Scouting for the best experiences on the Italian & Swiss Lakes, I fell for Lake Maggiore and all of the beauty that surrounds her.  Not to miss:  The Swiss town of Ascona and it's summer Jazz Festival and the lake islands of Isola di Brissago, Isola Madre, and Isola Bella. 

New Zealand Tour Managing

Tour managing a cruise around the gorgeous and wild island nation of New Zealand.