C&S owner Dana Conley & Historian Adam Tooze finally tied the knot

In personal news, Adam Tooze and I finally got hitched in February!  Keep an eye out for our wedding featured in the upcoming July edition of The Knot Magazine, where you may recognize some of these photos.

Beekman in hall.jpg
in car after courthouse.jpg

Champagne 2016

A sublime scouting trip to Champagne to prepare for 2017 Soirée.  With Lionel and Dominique Michelin, I visited the big names in Champagne as well as some of the boutique houses.  We had a mind bending tasting at the incomparable Selosse, where everything is art even down to the mold on the cellar walls.  The expansive chalk cellars are deeply impressive and stretch for miles underground, some still engraved with graffiti from the soldiers and resistance who took shelter here during the World Wars.  I cannot wait to return here with guests in May and share the  discoveries. 

Deep underground in the chalk cellars of Champagne